Ordering of new Club Apparel

Ordering of club apparel:

We have already made contact with suppliers for our new cycling shirts, t-shirt, and buff. Before we can go ahead and print our new apparel, we need to know how many people will be interested in buying each of the items.

As soon as we have final prices from our suppliers, we will get in contact and start the ordering process.

To indicate your interest, please complete this form: http://goo.gl/forms/9SVnGKrRcw

New Trail Map

We have updated our trail map and included the new routes and changes. You can see the new trail map and download it as well by going to our cycling routes page (http://www.wannabteam.com/cycling-routes/).  The download link is located just below the map on that page.

The map colour codes the routes using the IMBA trail difficulty ratings,  it shows the emergency access points, Wannabteam section names and even highlights the areas where the routes have been updated for easy reference.  Many thanks to the team who spent a good number of hours creating this for us.

Even if you think you know our routes well,  please review the map and see where all the changes have taken place.