Cycling Routes – Maps

Schematic diagram of the Wannabees Trails for 2017

The schematic map below provides an overview of the layout of the club’s trails to the west of the R44. (The provincial route between Somerset West and Stellenbosch). The red route consists off all the trails linking the club’s two main trail heads, located at Somerbosch Winery and the Lord Charles Hotel. The Wannabees red route  is not a single trail, but has a number of interesting tributaries taking riders to either of the two trail heads. Other trail colours (i.e. yellow, purple etc) denotes loops off and back to the main red route. (Trail signage is in process of being updated to display the route colours).

Schematic diagram of the Wannabees cycle trails for 2017.

Schematic diagram of the Wannabees cycle trails for 2017.

Printable Wannabees Trail Map 2017

Please note that the route colours on the 2017 map has been updated to be in step with the schematic map above.

The Wannabees Cycling Club (WCC) has published this map to help bicyclists use their bicycles on the club’s trail network. Users of this map should be aware that potential hazards and obstructions may exist on the routes shown and that the WCC maps in no way warrant the safety or fitness of the suggested routes. The user of this map bears the full responsibility for his or her safety. Users of this map are cautioned to give precedence to actual trail route signage information as displayed on the club’s trail network.

Printable version of the Wannabees 2017 trail map (PDF) 2MB

Click map image to view a printable PDF version of the map

Latest Wannabees Trail Map

The latest map version is: Source File: megamap_V10B_A3 | Issue Date: 20 February 2017
What’s New: Blaauwklippen loop, removed.

Google Map version of the Wannabees Trails 2017

The Wannabees trails are constantly undergoing updates. The Google map below includes a layer showing the planned trail updates for 2017, marked in grey. As soon as the trails updates are active, the trail-colours will be updated to the appropriate route colour. We’ve also included a layer on the map showing past cyclist harassment incidents on the club’s trail network. (Note: previously mentioned layers are switched off in the default view).

Somerbosch to Lord Charles Elevation Profile

Somerbosch to Lord Charles Elevation

KML/GPX file for the: Somerbosch to Lord Charles Red Route

Lord Charles to Somerbosch Elevation Profile

Lord Charles to Somerbosch Elevation

KML/GPX file for the: Lord Charles to Somerbosch Red Route


The Wannabees  Cycling Club’s trails are marked by means of directional arrows and other information affixed to white boards. Presently all the tired-looking flat plastic boards are being replaced by short sections of white PVC pipes mounted on posts. You will find directional arrows, night-ride directional arrows (where appropriate), IMBA trail difficulty grading, route colour-marker stickers and where appropriate place names, on each board. In the near future, each route colour sticker will be assigned a unique number. This unique number, together with the trail colour will provide the exact GPS location of the board’s placement on a map.